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Jun 15, 2006
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The girls who work for my coffee stand say that our chocolate has started to have a strange after taste, and is kind of bitter (we currently use DaVinci) what do others use? I know about Ghirardellis and Hersheys - are there any other good products out there?

hmmm...did it always have a strange after taste and biterness or is this something new?

Might want to check how it is stored. Choc. sause can mold very easily if not properly refrigerated. If you use a bulk form you might want to try switching over to a smaller container and just re-ordering more frequently.
Also how frequently do you clean your pumps?
(Guittard is good though)
i use davnci, the 3lb plastic bottle i believe it is, about 1 per week and have never had a mold problem, or issue with it going bad. same for caremel and wht chocolate. just FYI 4 ya. how long does it take u to use ur open bottle? it it supposed to keep for quite a while unrefrigerated, like most chocolate
i just order my chocolate from a friend who owns a coffee shop. she won't tell me what brand though...and melted choco would mean the shelf life is shorter than the usual. but the important thing is how you store your chocolate. :)