Christmas Coffee Beans


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Dec 2, 2006
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Hi there,

I would like to purchase some coffee beans as a christmas present for my dad. He likes Blue Mountain but i would like to buy him something a bit different for a change.

Have you any suggestions?

I am looking for beans and am based in London.

Try Baba Budan coffee, he will like it!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, I feel is among the best in the world. Yes it is expensive though. If cost is a factor and it always seems to be a factor than try Baba Budan coffee which is grown in India and has fabulous nutty walnut flavor.

You can also get a FREE 2oz. sample pack with your order to see if another gourmet coffee choice might even be better since taste is so based upon individual tastes. This is done as a holiday gift to you from TopGourmetCoffee.