Clays Cafe (New Business Owner)


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Apr 16, 2021
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Hey everyone I hope your having a wonderful day.

My online store Clay's Cafe sells inexpensive flavored coffee from different places around the world.

For coffee lovers or busy bodies. Get coffee sent right to you for an affordable price.


Also Im very open for advice on how to grow and expand my business and also just general tips and opinions on the site.

Thank you for your time
Dude, are you the owner of Clay's cafe for real?! I am also looking forward to opening a similar cafe in my hometown, and I would like to ask you something about your restaurant. I also want to have an insane variety of coffee so every single visitor can find the one he actually likes. The problem is that I have a great business plan for it, but I do not have enough funding for that. This kind of startup needs a lot of attention and a lot of money, actually, and I do not know where to find that amount of money.