Cleaning drip and espresso coffee makers


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Oct 17, 2007
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Since \"Durgol\" is 15% Sulfamic acid. Is it safe to buy a pound of Sulfamic acid (for $5.00) at a local home improvement store and make up your own cleaning solution? :)


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Oct 3, 2007
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Most commercial cleaners are made from:

Sodium Percarbonate Na2CO3
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Na5P3O10
Trisodium Phosphate Na3PO4

The Sodium percarbonate in aqueous solution produces produces Sodium Carbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide.

[Na2CO3]2 + 3 H2O = 2Na2CO3 + 3 H2O2

The Peroxide acts as a bleaching agent. The Sodium Carbonate Produced increases the pH of the solution to stabalise the Hydrogen Peroxide so that it remains in solution to do its work, (rather than breaking down into oxygen and being released)

The Sodium Tripolyphosphate is stain remover and degreaser

The Sodium Tripolyphosphate is a builder and is used to improe the effectiveness of soaps and cleaners.

Other cleaners also use

Sodium Tetraborate (Borax) Na2B4O7.10H2O - A Detergent

Sodium Perborate NaBO3.H2O - Bleaching / Active Oxygen

To make your own cleaner I think you'll need 3 components...


2)Bleaching Agent

3)Buffer / Stabiliser

As far as using straight sulfamic acid, I'd like to know what the other 85% of ingredients are first, to see whats going on.

Most Commercial Descalers use Sulfamic Acid, Maleic Acid and Citric Acid, you can use cirtic acid by itself in solution as a descaler in commercial and domestic machines with no problems, its non-toxic and you can taste it so you know when its all flushed from the system.