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Apr 10, 2004
Okay, i decided to make my own lattes to save money at starbucks...all i have is this cheap looking espresso maker . i broke the little miniature coffee pot today so im just using my coffee cup to put the espresso in. Anyway , i could get it to make coffee but i dont know how to steam the milk. turning the knob only makes the steam nozzle thing get really hot. also when i brew the coffee water and steam come out of the sides of the cup thing with the handle. could anyone give me some pointers or maybe a brief review of how to use it? thanks


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Mar 11, 2004
Southern California
Mordecai, you have to steam the milk first, then do the espresso. Insert the tip of the steam wand around 0.5 inch from the milk surface then turn on the steam knob till you hear "hissing" sound (you'll get more foam by doing this). Try to keep the hissing sound by lower the level of your pitcher. When the milk warm enough (around 100F), push the tip down to the bottom of the pitcher. The best steamed milk for your latte is 155 - 160F. Start your espresso...... then pour the foamy steamed milk.... you'll get "almost" the same latte as Starbuck.