Coffee at Home 101 Class w/ Bellissimo @ UmpquaBank Portland


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Oct 18, 2004
Portland, OR
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Coffee At Home 101
Date: 10/29/2007
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Place: Pearl District Umpqua Bank Store: 1139 NW Lovejoy, Portland OR
Presented by The American Barista & Coffee School & Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup

Details: Do you love coffee but find your knowledge and understanding are about as deep as a demitasse cup? This class will give you a broad understanding of specialty coffee, including its history, how it is harvested and processed, where it is grown and its similarity to fine wine in tasting notes, aromas, body, acidity, etc. You will also learn how to brew the best coffee at home, how to best purchase and store your coffees and how your coffee buying practices can make an impact on a global scale.

This is a FREE class.

Umpqua Bank was just one of the Top 12 Hottest Companies in Portland in this months Portland Monthly Magazine.

Hope to see you there!

- Matt