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Dec 2, 2005
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I have a date over the weekend and we are going to get coffee,but im not sure if i should go to a cafe for if i should brew my own...what would be better?

Depends what you have in mind...being a guy...I would have to say brew your own...its easier to hide a body and get away with it if you have no witnesses :shock:
umm...ok I was kidding...if it is a first date I would go to the first...there are a bunch of weirdos out there :wink:
I would have a drink in a coffee shop where you guys can talk and you can get a feel for him as a whole over the evening. A few dates down the road then tell him you can make just as good of coffee as the coffee shops do then I know as a guy I would say; "I would love to try some and compare coffee but just to be able to spend more time with you over a good cup of java would be heavenly". Well something like that...hehe. Have fun and wait for a few dates before bringing a strange guy back to your place for coffee. I women needs to play it a bit safe now days....sorry to say! :(
Brew Your Own

If it looks like she is standoffish go to the coffee shop.

If however it looks like your going to get lucky, take her home and let her have a turn at your brass puller.
Coffee versus Johnny Walker

Coffee is okay if you want to discuss philosophy or poetry but if you want to get lucky...
Liquor is Quicker
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i got blown off, there was no coffee, and i am sad...i really like to drink coffee. oh well things happen i geuss, i just dont like when they happen to me...

Just remember, as you grind your way through life, you're never alone when you've got JOE. Screw the rest, so they didn't show, no need to go without the joe. That really got to me.
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No worries guys, i found another sweet girl, the only problem now is distance, wow i pick the winners dont i? only time will tell with this one i guess...

Better Late then Never --

Lot can happen in six months. If I was still dating and was interested in a girl that enjoyed coffee as much as me. First, have some fresh brewed (yourself) and make the coffee and talk it up. Secondly, show her how and get her to roast some on her own. Let her take it home with her if she grinds or grind it for her the next day when you see her again. Thirdly, if she drinks as much coffee as I do, you don't have to worry about sleeping with her because neither one of you will be able to. lol. Question -- Does a woman like a man better that takes her out to dinner or one who cooks a nice meal for her? There ya go --

Live Well --