Coffee doesn't taste like coffee anymore.


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Sep 9, 2006
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Too poor to pay attention

:oops: I had to go into town today and made it a point to go into the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It's funny how the mind works. It seemed odd to me when I went in that there were no bins or bags of coffee. I asked if they sold coffee beans and the lady behind the counter pulled out a bag of ground "house blend". She told me that they mostly sell coffee drinks. I looked at the menu and the only thing close to a real cup of coffee was espresso and Americano. I thanked her and left. That's when I realized that the name of the shop was Yellow Leaf Coffee Co. :(

So the trip wasn't a complete waste, I went to the health food market and checked out their selection. The only none new world coffee was Sumatra Mandheling. It was roasted darker then I like, but I bought half a pound to try. Hey! This stuff is good! It doesn't have that burnt taste I get from most "French" roast coffee. :)


Aug 11, 2006
Dana Point, CA
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coffee and USAF 60's........

DML...... coincidently, I read your post and just kept reading, right up until you wrote that you were in the USAF, 60's version! I was combat photo '66 to '69. My website is

It's amazing how our olfactory sense can bring back incredibly strong memories. While I can't say that I've ever lost the memory of coffee, it really didn't gain importance until I married a Brasilian. For the last 20+ years I've traveled back to Brasil, spending time on our family cattle ranches, and traveling to friends coffee farms. My "learned" appreciation for the smell of fresh coffee in the morning is stronger now for Brasilian Cafe', a stronger, but smooth coffee that we drink from a small cup, or demitasse. I'd be glad to share that experience and point you to some suppliers.

I could recommend that you invest in a small coffee roaster. With that, you'll learn to appreciate the smell of green beans, all the way to fresh roast....... which actually doesn't have a developed fragrance or aroma until it outgasses; usually up to four days. But add a small grinder, and you'll be in control of generating that aroma you miss. Although it may have to be rediscovered by trial and error.

Regardless, I'm curious to know where you served, etc. My direct email is: [email protected]

Best, Al


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Jan 31, 2012
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This is an old post and I don't know if you're around anymore but YEAH, coffee has changed somehow.

I have some old REAL cans I use to put screws in and opened one up the other day and the wonderful smell of coffee greeted me not this new bitter smelling crap they call coffee.

So yes, coffee has changed and it's not just old age creeping up on me. I figure something has changed in the processing. I know most use plastic cans now. Or THEY, Monsanto or someone, has tinkered with the genes of the coffee plant making a hideous mutated form of coffee.

So I quit coffee a while back and drink nothing but TEA now.


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Feb 15, 2012
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You can find caffeine in loads of places- tea, energy drinks, and supplements are really popular. As for the coffee, you might like to add some flavored syrup. I enjoy Starbucks and I know they sell their syrups in store and online. You will want to find time for sleep. As wonderful as caffeine is, there is absolutely no substitute for sleep.


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Dec 7, 2012
Michigan, US
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I love when people dig up these old thread. This started over 7 years ago and we still feel the same way about cheap coffee.

They are not as good as it used to be.
I recently read somewhere Starbucks have purchased over 500 million pound of coffee last year. That is 500 million pounds.....
No wonder there is shortage of coffee out there... (joke)

As we are in coffee industry, I understand why big coffee company will always try to find the way to minimize the cost of goods.
And most of them do not care the quality of the good as long as it meets their minimum quality.
That is the reason why people like us stay in business with better and higher quality coffee to people who really do care about the quality of their coffee.


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Aug 9, 2019
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Don't let anyone tell you that your smell and taste buds change after so many years.
I remember when you brought home can of coffee and opened it up it filed the house with that fresh aroma smell.
My wife can't stand the taste of coffee but ironically love the aroma.
I tried all kinds of coffee makers from cheap to expensive brands as online and offline and coffee shops.
I sent email to coffee manufacturers and vendors the same thing no reasonable reason.
The only explanation that came close was climate change.
However, I to have experienced some good or better quality only followed by inconstancies, it was one big lie and a hot mess that manufacturers and vendors don't want to talk about.


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Oct 29, 2020
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The technology of processing cocoa beans may have changed. Maybe that's why the taste has changed.
I meet this very often lately and not only with coffee.
Large companies are starting to save in order to keep more profits from buyers.
It is now at every step, for example in supermarkets, I often notice how during the year manufacturers reduce the weight of the product by 3.5.10 percent. And although the price remains the same, but the weight is less. For the buyer, this difference in weight is almost imperceptible, but the profits of companies are increasing.


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Apr 18, 2023
Los Angeles
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I came to see if I was alone in this. Not only do I agree with you but have found most of the ones I've tried taste so foo-foo like coffee house brands/concoctions. I just want plain, dark strong decaf... (have to have decaf). I am about to try boiling some so I don't waste what's left of five pounds. Does anyone has a suggestion of a brand for next purchase?