💵 For Sale Coffee Farm in Colombian Coffee axis looking to export


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Jul 24, 2023
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Good day,
My parents have a coffee farm in Palestina, Caldas, in Colombia. They have always sold their washed coffee to the national fedaration, but I think it would be great to avoid this intermediaries.
Where can I find Coffee importers and/or roasters in the US?
The farm has been UTZ certified with Castillo Naranjal Coffee and a 84 score.

If you guys know any source to find buyers, please let me know :)

Cheers !
Hey! Your initiative to connect directly with coffee importers and roasters is spot on! 🌍☕ UTZ certification and an 84 score make your Castillo Naranjal Coffee stand out. For potential buyers in the US, you might want to explore online platforms like www.specialtycoffeeassociation.org—they often list buyers and industry contacts. Also, consider attending coffee trade shows; they're fantastic networking hubs. And hey, while you're navigating the world of coffee, if you need a break and want to explore other aspects of agriculture, www.machinerydealer.co.uk/compact-tractors-for-sale/ has a variety of options.
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