Coffee Grinders


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Oct 6, 2006
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I suppose this has probably been a well posted topic, but I am in the market for a quality coffee grinder. I am not an espresso man, yet. I use a Chemex brewer and love it.

Are there any recomendations on what grinder to get?


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I used a Solis Maestro for about a year and a half, 5 days a week grinding enough for 1 pot. It started having problems feeding/grinding so I dismantled it, cleaned and sharpened the burrs as best I could a couple of times during the last 2 months - eventually giving up on it.

It did a wonderful job! But for the price I think it should have lasted longer.

I now use my Rancilio Rocky espresso grinder on it's coarsest setting and that too does a great job.