Coffee Grounds


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Jan 13, 2008
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What does everyone do with there coffee grounds after brewing? I know their good for the Garden but just curious what others are using them for....especially you coffee shop owners who are using larger quantities.
Used coffee grounds are popularly associated to gardening due to the nutrients available in them, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

However, they can also be used in personal care. Personally, I would use coffee grounds as an exfoliant. If I happen to wash my hands in a sink near some coffee maker, then I'd use the grounds to scrub my hands. The effect is pleasant, as the skin feels softer.

Some home-made soaps recipes can be tweaked incorporating coffee grounds for that added scrubbing action. Some also thrown in coffee butter to add a fresh scent of coffee as well.

I have given away used coffee grounds to friends and family and they all love the things they could do with it.

Good point Espressogirl. In Asia (Thailand and Indonesia more specifically) coffee is indeed used as an exfoliant as well as in massage oils and creams. The spa industry is actually one of the very best pluses for me living in Asia. My wife and I enjoy getting a nice, relaxing massage at least weekly... for the princely sum of US8 for 90 minutes. Ahhhh.... life is tough :wink:
That is so true, Alun_evans! You could find a lot of coffee-ish soaps and creams from the stores and people appreciate the fact that they can not only enjoy coffee as a beverage, but also use it for personal care.

Although there are still many people not familiar with the gardening benefits of used coffee grounds, it has slowly become the practice of garden/caffeine enthusiasts.

Why, even my young niece knows where to put the used grounds!! Straight to the flower pots! :wink: