Coffee hang out search...


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Jan 3, 2005
Addison, TX
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I posted once before but am not sure where I should have stuck this...I came from a college town and am now in Dallas( Addison really). I am looking for a place to sit and drink coffee smoke read play chess sketch strangers write a novel and watch the world go by....
any suggestions for a locale like that in this area....?
I know you posted this a while back, but if you're still searching, I can name quite a few in the Arlington/Fort Worth area.

- America's Best Coffee - I-20 and Matlock
- Coffee Haus - Mesquite St, downtown Arlington
- Cooper Coffee - Cooper Street, near UTA
- Cup 'a Joe - Cooper and Abram Street, also near UTA

Fort Worth
- Art of Espresso - I-30 and Eastchase
- Panther City Coffee - University and Berry