Coffee in Japan: Starbucks losing strength in Japan


Mar 7, 2003
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Coffee in Japan: Starbucks losing strength in Japan

Starbucks, US’s largest coffee chain shop opened shop in Japan some time ago, however this year it was reported that they had a loss rather than profit. Plans include to open less stores and to cut payroll costs. What are Japanese coffee drinkers looking for in Japan? Apparently Doutor Coffee Co. has what it takes to gain the market of coffee shops in Japan and as quoted by Seiichiro Samejima, ‘The Starbucks boom is over in Japanâ€


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Mar 25, 2004
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Starbucks Japan News



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Mar 19, 2004
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Personally, I think this is good news..... To quote a bumper sticker I saw once... "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink StarBucks." hehe.
I'm just a fan of the smaller coffee shops.... 8)


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Apr 11, 2004
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Re: maby japan knows what real espresso is

EspressoOutfitters said:
Starbucks never has, nor ever will serve true espresso. That inline with how they conduct business is what will always hold them back. Do not even expect starbucks to even be in biz 20 years from now.

True about the real espresso. but them not being around in 20 years!
naa man.,, they will be here for centuries! so will mc donalds!
most customers who drink starbucks coffee dont even know what real espresso is.
they probably couldnt even careless. starbucks is brand not coffee! I have traveled around asia and been to a few starbuck stores.
they are full of asian woman who think USA brand is cool! WOW STARBUCKS! they wouldnt have a clue what a dark roast or light roast taste likes.. they dont go there for the coffee experience! they go for the STARBUCKS exeperience.. and thats a big difference..
tell me which coffee chain has the money, resouces to takeover Starbucks?
its not going to happen.. there will always be fastfood takeout style expresso stores all over world.. francise stores.. and starbucks will lead that business module.
coffee aficionados like us and many others in this world. will support the other players..
I love hamburgers.. I will eat a big mac when I am in need of a fix! and there is no real burger joint around. also mc donalds is alright..
and starbucks will do when I am in need and nothing is around..
and you can always count on a starbucks or MC DONALDS to be around.
Japan starbucks.. well.. there rents are HUGE!!!! just to expensive! and the competition now there is crazy! I was there in 2001 and they were swarming with francises.. and now its even worse! still starbucks has the biggest store there.. right downtown smack in shinjuku. but that rent must KILL THEM! and basically they dont have the coffee culture western countries have! and why should they! and acually they never will..
the structure of the landscape and work ethic doesnt have room for the trendy coffee lifestyle! sure coffee to go! but thats what it is.. just coffee to go.. and in japan and other asia countries.. any coffee will do! cheaper the better.. starbucks is expenisve for coffee habits..
I mean, seattle, new york, toronto, sydney, melbourne, etc...
these places are coffee lifestyle cities.. the whole urban culyure diverstity in the city creates that feeling too.. asian cities are all francises!!
It will take more than a few coffee shops to change that culture into a coffee (LIFESTYLE) society

ITALY for example.. very coffee lifestyle.. but completly different to western style.. but it works.. will starbucks work.. UMMMMM hahaha probably not!! lets see how the one the paris goes..

we need lifestyle!!


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Apr 11, 2004
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Re: starbucks in italy

EspressoOutfitters said:
Still wondering why coffeeman is wanting a showdown, it doesn't make any sense, and in fact is confusing the readers here. If you have a beef with me, take it off line, or at the very least PM. Otherwise, just state your opinion, do NOT quote me and do not tell me you disagree with what I say using my screen name to quote against. We are in a free country, but if you are just wanting to pick a fight, take it elsewhere.

A show down??? no man.. I am just disagreeing with what you say!
this is a discussion forum by the way. confusing the readers?
why is that?. should they only except your advice and opinion and not of others???
I have quoted you and I have responded to some of your posts becuase I think as some of your points are right on the money. some are way off the mark!
and I feel I need to express my thoughts on subjects.
so look forward to seeing me quote you and giving my opinion.
IM not out to attack you. I dont have beef with you..
I just disagree with what you say sometimes. I think you are wrong.
so I am openly discussing it on a free forum.
dont take it personally, its just my opinion of a subject VS yours..


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Apr 11, 2004
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Re: ok, so then

EspressoOutfitters said:
fill out your profile, give me your url, who you are, what company you represent, how many shops have you helped start, how many machines have you worked upon, how long have you been in this biz, ect, ect, and ect. So far I see a newbie that has not a clue about it all, mommy and daddy sent you a few plane tickets to fly around, 6 posts to this forum and 1/2 of them are about trying to shoot me down.

WOW, Ive seem to hit a nerv with you.. Its alittle highschool isnt it?
how many machines, how many shops.. IM better than you blar blar..
come on grow up!! start acting like a professional and an adult!
you are flying off the handle... you are trying to prove to others that only your opinion is valid on this board and no one elses!!
just because I joined this board late doesnt make me an NEWBIE in the BIZ!!
im not trying to shoot you down! im giving other advice to the people who are asking.. just because you have SPOKEN doesnt mean thats it!
your advice is not the final word! you have your advice and I have mine!
you have your opinion and I HAVE MINE!!
and all the other memebers have theres! I feel its beneficial to the readers or posters to hear from other people and hear their advice! not just yours! dont be so arrogant!

I don't expect everybody to agree with me, but dammit, just post your opinion, don't quote me, then contradict what I say right afterwards and expect me to be nice about it,

I have to quote you.. becuase your advice is what I disagree with.
you are the one getting upset over it.. dont make a big deal about it!
becuace its not! Im just disagreeing with you words. and quoting you and saying why I disagree so the people can read advice on that topic from someone else.. HEY! im sure your advice is good, or works but I am giving my thoughts! on the matter in question...

So far, I think you are totally off the mark in every post you have ever made, and I haven't discussed it at length, but I see you can't handle it in a normal matter, you gotta Jerry Springer the style you use, which I refuse to come down to your level upon. I'm just going to NOT watch nor respond to any thread you post to from now on, I won't waste any more time rebuttling you, and hopefully the other members in these threads will follow this example. Any thread with the screen name "coffeeman" in it anywhere no longer will get my attention for any reason what so ever.

now you're just being childish!!! are you so concieted that you cant take criticism???
listen! everyone is a critic! everyone has an opinion on subjects!
but at least I can debate them without crying about it...
just becuase you post in every thread and almost every post! doesnt mean you are the COFFEE EXPERT sent down to help us all!!!
dude sit back and sip on your java and chill!
I was never out to attack you.. just I feel that the original posters need to hear different advice that you are giving! simple as that!!
thats what this forum is for!! its NOT CALLED ESPRESSO OUTFITTERS ADVICE FORUM!!!
its an open forum for all coffee lovers and professional to gain and give advice.. please remember that!...
if you dont like my posts,,. then quote me and say so..
explain why I am wrong.. or explain why my ideas are not good.. and lets talk about it..
not like this..


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Feb 15, 2004
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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, fellas. Let's not get angry here. I know its kinda strange not having to deal with the little trolls here anymore and each of us may be looking for something to let a little steam off, but let's not split hairs. This should be a place to express one's own opinion. Of course it's going to be biased, we are all humans, at least I hope. Andrew Carnegie once told a man a very good story about how to tell others that they are wrong. This friend sat with him at a dinner where a man proceeded to tell Carnegie a moral story of historical significance which the man was telling incorrectly. What the man did not realize was Carnegie happened to be a guru on the subject and let the entire evening pass without saying a thing about the error. The next day, the friend asked Carnegie why he did not correct the man. Andrew replied that telling someone they are wrong is the quickest way to lose someone that could be a good friend. Days later the friend found out Carnegie had closed a large deal with the storyteller. You never know who you might insult or how they could affect you.:D