Coffee is what I live for.


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Apr 4, 2009
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My name is Kelsey. I'm a coffee drinker, lover, and a Barista! I've been working in coffee shops for about 2 years. I began when I helped open up a Gloria Jean's in 2007 and was there until we closed in January of this year. Now I work at a little coffee kiosk called Cafe Macchiato in a hospital lobby. The medical crowd is a lot different than the tourist crowd, but I'm learning to love it here just as much.

Before I was trained as a Barista I didn't know a whole lot about coffee, just enjoyed the QuickTrip cappuccino. On occasion I'd get a cappuccino at Starbucks. Never understood why so much whip cream and foam, then I became a Barista and discovered they're doin' it wrong.

Eventually I'm going to open up my own coffee shop (Christian owned and operated), with a screen printing shop on the side. Right now I'm just getting payed to learn more about my most favourite thing in the world.

Lessee...I think I would say my favourite drink an Americano with an extra shot and a smidge of half & half. Sometimes adding a little caramel is good. My boyfriend, who works with me, and I are trying to learn Latte Art. Not easy. He's getting the hang of making the art, but I'm only good at getting the milk to froth just right.

When I'm not obsessing over coffee I love to watch Star Trek or listen to the Beatles & Monkees.