Coffee Kiosk in a mall?


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A very nice young lady came in today wanting to see if I would consider doing a coffee kiosk, maybe with seating, in one of her company's malls. The location is at the front entrance of their anchoring tenant, Target. This particular Target is suppose to be one of the busiest in the entire Target system. So, anyone has any idea about mall traffic hit rate for coffee kiosk? And what major must have criteria I need to check?
EPD good for you! Being anchored next to a major anchor tennant...especially a store such as Target, should be a license to print greenbacks (although treasury seems to have a monopoly license on that printing at present!). I would say that obviously a kiosk is going to be basically t/a coffee only, along with light consumerables such as cake, muffins etc. Having some kind of hook to pull punters in on their way out of the store is a muct. Doing some kind of deal with Target or management (ie: free parking if they hand over their Target receipt when buying coffee- then sharing the cost of that with Target or the mall) could work. Anything that ties in Target with what you are doing will encourage them to participate by proxy with your new setup. The good thing is the Kiosk minimums I use (100 cups a day +/- to break even) should be a cince with your location!
I would check first what the square footage cost is. You may get the very chance to print your own money but if your dropping $50 square foot that money is going right back out the door.
That'd be an amazing opportunity and I think you should take it! Be sure to choose the right roaster. See if they will customize blends, offer seasonal, organic, and fair trade coffees, and roast to the flavor profile you enjoy most. In fact, I'd be honored to send you some samples, as I am the roast master for Cafe Bravo. Thanks and take care, [email protected]

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