Coffee machine whistles when pours coffee


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Nov 22, 2023
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Hi everyone. I have been owned Saeco Lirika OTC for 2 years. It started bothering me with whistling when it pours any sort of coffee (cappuccino maker works fine).
I regularly clean it from scale using "HG Coffee Machine descaler".
Regularly lube the brewing unit (even though it continues clicking (cracking) loudly :( ).
I also cleaned brewing unit from coffee oil 3 month ago (it was whistling before and continued after i did it) using "Urnex cafiza 2".
I tried middle and highest grinding levels. Seems there is no difference

But it keep continue making this whistling sound.
Here is the video example of my issue:
1) Just how it works outside:
2) I tried to find out the spot having the right door opened:

Could you advise me what do I need to do to eliminate this sound? Also I think I don't quite well lube the brewing unit (maybe the wrong paces) and this is why it is so loud. I usually lube bottom stick, vertical guides and yellow ~horizontal guides.