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Oct 17, 2017
New Jersey
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We have a company in Ecuador that can produce a lot of coffee as well as chocolate. Quantity is not an issue at all to us, we have tapped into the European market but are having some trouble tapping into the US market. We are at the point where we can get a shipment overseas to a port but we are stuck right there. I would please like anyone to share some advice as to where to move on from there. Things such as:
  • A place to store a containers worth of coffee as well as some chocolate but mostly focusing on coffee for now.
  • Taxes that we need to pay
  • Find a place to start off such as pop up show in a mall or something like that
  • Getting word of moth out; websites can be done easily.
  • How much we need to pay for rent for some sort of storage facility, a spot to start out, and someone to work the business.
  • Any sort of people we need to contact first?
Basically were stuck at having a shipment land in New jersey but we are stuck right there and would like any sort of advice as well as action plans

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