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Jun 1, 2008
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Wondering if anyone has bought a coffee roaster from Roasters Exchange / US Roaster corp. and how you feel about it''s performance and is it working well. We would like to purchase a 5kg roaster from them. We are starting a new coffee roasting company. Thanks
I had the fortune of visiting them last April in Oklahoma. As Topher said, they are indeed a good group of people! I am sure Dan will help you out. just dont let him take you to the basement :shock: lol
Great roasters! They have stainless steel drums unless you specify otherwise. The roasters allow you to control everything, drum rpm, fan speed etc. The stainless steel drum and high airflow gives coffee a very bright/air roasted flavor. Don''t opt for the power burner, automated hopper charger or door opener if you buy a roaster under 70kilo.
Roasters Exchaernge Roast

Dan built me a 25 Kelo this spring and I am extreemly pleased. We had a fire in our old one and would have been forced if they would not have been so helpful. We are very pleased with the machinc and the design is years ahead of the one I had before.

Bought a 3kg with some extras and options.
just starting to get involved with roasting so this will be a learning curve for me.
Hopefully with some hard work it will develop into a solid business.

They also have a cool sample roaster which I will be ordering soon.
I own two of their roasters and never had any issues. Customer service is top notch and when I needed a couple of small items, they were shipped in a timely manner. delays in production is a concern with every manufacturer because of parts not being available. Spent several days at US Roaster Corp seeing everything built and assembled. I will be purchasing a 3rd roaster from them in the near future.
Yes, coffeewarehouse57, care to elaborate?

I notice this is the 2nd very negative post you have made about USRC, while supplying no details whatever.
I know 0 about USRC either positive or negative, but I do know that I strongly distrust posts of this nature.
US Roaster vs Diedrich IR

We have owned a Diedrich IR for 9 years. We cannot in good conscience recommend this model to anyone. They have one fatal flaw; there is only one fan in the whole roaster. It will not pull in air properly. Second BIG complaint, you have to clean out the chaff after every single roast. This is gross. It takes away from the pretty paint job if you have to whip out an ugly vacuum to clean up the mess. Third big complaint, on the ones over 8 years old, they have a high limit alarm that was set at French Roast level. We aren't talking alarm clock, we are talking mind- piercing, ear- drum damage loud. Fourth, unless you have a gigantic sink and can soak the cooling bin, you are going to be dealing with a beast. The base gets sticky with coffee oil, and turns black where you have previously scrubbed. It is hard to clean using natural products. You cannot use heavy-duty de-greasers in a commercial food-grade setting. Basically, kiss that shiny new stainless bin goodbye after the first roast. You are going to need to use steel wool, and Dawn. It is going to get scratched.
Then we have the US Roaster. First, their team is absolutely amazing. We bought the machine 7 years ago. When they improved the design of the roaster, they retrofitted ours. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to think they are the best in the business. Diedrich has made improvements but absolutely under no circumstances would make any changes to their flawed design. Quite sad considering Diedrich charges so much for their roasters.
The control pad on the US Roaster is easy to read, and the design of the roaster is brilliant. The coffee tastes far and away better than the Diedrich roasted beans. You have absolute complete control over the entire roasting process. This model burns up the chaff, so clean-up is a breeze. You still get coffee oil, but we use a wire brush, and it seems to work just fine. I am not as concerned about the look of the roaster as I am with the Diedrich. When you have a nice paint job, getting scratches, dings, and oil really stand out. Roasting is a dirty job. You need a roaster that will work every step of the way, and customer service that is willing to help you out, even after the sale is complete.
We love the US Roaster. I can happily say that we have NEVER once regretted our purchase.
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