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Even in developing countries there are a number of codes, rules, regulations you need to meet...maybe more so in theory than in the west. I could wallpaper my entire roastery and then have enough certificates, licenses, permits and other red tape left over to make a large bonfire that you could see as far away as New York. The only difference is things can get done a lot quicker here- ie: you do not have to wait weeks or months to get someone from the fire department to come out and check you safety procedures...they literally line up at your door. Wonder why :wink:

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Oct 19, 2003
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Yeah, thanks A.E. I got lost for awhile but I've found my way back...I was leaving a trail of coffee beans to find my way back, but someone kept picking them up and brewin with em :wink:

I know it's bull, but it sounds better than trying to convey how busy things have become...But thanks, I'll try and spend some more time here with all of my friends and hopefully chime in something good every once in a while, and I'd like to say hi to any of our newer members I haven't had the pleasure to meet. :grin:


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Feb 21, 2012
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