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Jun 2, 2017
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Hi friends -

I recently became really interested in learning how coffee shops are designed. I am interested to learn everything! From how you chose equipment to how you think about the layout of a space. Given my background, I would also love to get into the technical details (like plumbing and electrical requirements). Here are a million questions:

1. I would imagine the design of a coffee shop would begin by looking at the constraints imposed by a specific space. Do you agree? Or do you think design begins with the concept the business owner is pursuing?
2. Once you have a location you are looking at, would you start to layout the space by placing the equipment first? Or would you prioritize another design element (like customer seating)?
3. What is the minimum amount of equipment needed to operate a coffee shop? What are the discretionary decisions from there?
4. What considerations go into designing the customer facing counter? How do you decide on its location and length?
5. How do Health and Building Department considerations affect design? I am sure it changes by location but are there general or typical requirements?
6. What are the typical electrical and plumbing requirements? I am sure you need to provide electrical power to the work space area and power for customers to use. Plumbing wise, I would assume most of it needs to be provided to the work area as well for sinks, built in equipment, drains, etc.
7. What are the storage needs of a coffee shop?
8. What are other key decisions made during design for a coffee shop?

Thank you in advance for any guidance and wisdom you can provide. If anyone is willing to help by digging deeper into details one-on-one, please let me know.

Have a great weekend all.