Coffee Shop Sales!


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Jan 13, 2009
For my entreprenure class, I need to creat a 3 month cash flow chart for a coffee house.

I would like to know the estimated monthly sales and number of customers a month.

Thank you, if anybody is able to get back to me! Much appreciated :)


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Jan 26, 2009
I have 2 coffee shops, one in fort smith, ar. The other in Fort Campbell, KY. My shop in KY has anywhere from 80-100 customers daily. My sales vary from 9-11K mothly.

My shop in Fort Smith, AR. Customers daily vary a lot from 50-70. Its sales vary from 6-8k. Its only open because my roaster pays to keep it open. I simply dont push the coffee shop near as much as i should. I have Roastery and distribute beanz. All inquiries welcome. If your intersted in changing from your current roaster let me know. Thanks and i hope this helps.


Nov 3, 2004
Call around to coffee businesses in your area and speak to the owners; sit in the parking lot and count customers going through the door to get an estimate of sales.


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Mar 23, 2011
Help with credit card processing unit

First, this probably isnt the right area to post this. Sorry, but im desperate. You guys seem to be adept with computer related stuff. We have a credit card processing unit and everything was working well until we went from Cox cable to DSL. Our credit card terminal now will NOT connect through ethernet..only dial up. We have checked our router that it is plugged into and the port is flickering so we know its connected. All of our desktops connect to the internet all day long without problems .Anyone have any ideas!?!? Thanks in advance!