Coffee Supplier Introduction


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Jun 5, 2018
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Hi —

I am submitting my information to this forum for consideration as a supplier of premium coffee. Our roasting facilities are located in Sonora, Mexico and coffee beans sourced entirely from the highland region of southern Mexico.

We are currently selling in Sam’s Club, OXXO and Soriana markets throughout Sonora and Baja Mexico. Although we are not selling in US markets we have a few small private label sellers under contract. To work with your business to grow our brand or your private label would grant us the opportunity to offer our quality coffee at very competitive prices.

Our coffee is like no other because we roast in sugar, not to sweeten the coffee but to define our unique process. The coffee is that good, we are consistently told.

I am ready to send samples on request. I appreciate your time to consider my offer.


Jim Earley

VP Business Development / Kafeson Coffee LLC / Division of Colorado Investments Group
Mobile: 1 972 322 2424