Coffee Syrup Closeout - Only 75¢ per bottle!


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Jan 23, 2008
I am getting out of the coffee syrup business and need to liquidate my inventory.

Each case is only $9.00 plus shipping.

I have the following case (12/25.4oz plastic bottles (755ml)) quantities of Artista Gourmet Syrups:

Amaretto: 1 case

Blackberry: 1 case

Caramel: 1 case

Chocolate: 2 cases

Cinnamon: 1 case

Coconut: 1 case

English Toffee: 1 case

French Vanilla: 2 cases

Hazelnut: 3 cases

Irish Creme: 4 cases

Passion Fruit: 1 case

Raspberry: 2 cases

Strawberry: 2 cases

Vanilla: 10 cases

Almond: 1 case

Sugar-Free Amaretto: 1 case

Sugar-Free Caramel: 4 case

Sugar-Free Cherry: 1 case

Sugar-Free Hazelnut: 2 cases

Sugar-Free Irish Creme: 2 cases

Sugar-Free Raspberry: 1 case

Sugar-Free Strawberry: 1 case

Sugar-Free White Chocolate: 1 case

Sugar-Free Chocolate: 2 cases

Sugar-Free Green Tea: 1 case

Sugar-Free French Vanilla: 1 case

Sugar-Free Coconut: 1 case

Sugar-Free English Toffee: 1 case

Toasted Marshmallow: 1 case

I also have the following Artista sauces available for only $12 per case:

Caramel Sauce: 5 cases

White Chocolate Sauce: 1 case

I will sell as little as 1 case up to the entire lot.

Order at least 50 cases and I will take 10% off.

Shipping is actual cost. Depending upon the quantity, I will calculate the lowest possible way to ship: common carrier or freight.

Here is a link to check out the Artista line:

Cases ship from Las Vegas 89101.

Credit cards accepted. Checks require payment in advance and wait to clear.

Questions or to place an order, call (702) 367-2676 or reply to this post or send an email.



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Jan 23, 2008
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No expiration on the product but it is less than 9 months old.

A few cases have been opened - I had to open a case to see if there was an expiration on the bottle. The product is in new condition.

I have been selling from this inventory for a few months. There have been no complaints as to product quality or damage.

The previous list is no longer current so please call if you are interested in particular flavors.

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