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Oct 4, 2004
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Hey there coffee people. Im an intern over at Universal Music and I just got the new Jonathan Elias cd "American River" that I thought you should all listen to. If your familiar with his work its a follow up to his last cd "The Prayer Cycle." This new album also contains eclectic performances by various artists such as the late Johnny Cash in his last recording. I highly recomend this cd if your lounging or even doing yoga, a must have cd to relax too. Here are a couple of sample tracks, listen to them and let me know if this is coffee table music. ... ver_02.asx ... ver_07.asx ... ver_13.asx ... ver_14.asx ... ver_02.asx ... ver_07.asx ... ver_13.asx ... ver_14.asx

Coffee Cup Joe

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Sep 27, 2004
New York
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coffee table music

Hey beeminor,

Dead links on the listing.

Coffee table music or coffee music?

Is this produced by Rick Rubin by chance? He seems to use the word American in most of his recent titles. Especially since it has the late Johnny Cash in it also. Rick Rubin worked with Cash. Although I think the last efforts in recording by Cash were done by his son John Carter Cash while at their getaway down in the Caribean. (One of our artists worked with JCC so I know the scoop on who recorded who. Rick Rubin did an awesome job with JC.)

Can't help you out as to whether this is coffee table music or not. But for simple fun and true coffee music, catch a sample of ours at this site:

Good luck with your internship.


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Feb 28, 2005
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Ah, Rick Rubin, also produced one of the greatest metal albums of all time- Slayer's Reign In Blood :twisted:

p.s. Most of those links are dead for me. Quit after 4 random picks.