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Oct 11, 2013
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Hi guys, hope you've had a chance to read my introduction. If you haven't please check it out, because I want to continue a thought I had there.

I was saying that I have never liked coffee, but I know from my own experience as a manufacturer of organic teas that I've heard a lot of people tell me that they don't like tea, green tea, herbal tea, whatever, and EVERY time that happens, I want to ask them how they are making it and what teas they are using, and sometimes I find out the only tea they've ever had was some grocery store crap brand that they stuck in the microwave and nuked for ten minutes, then wondered why tea was such an acrid, bitter experience.

So it occurs to me that perhaps my very limited experience with coffee is something similar, and maybe the right coffee, prepared the right way, would be the most amazing beverage I've never enjoyed.

So, I'm proposing a challenge: send me a sample of your best coffee for someone who says they don't like coffee and you tell me what type of tea you dislike--flavored teas, green teas, black teas, white teas or herbal teas (most of which would be flavored), and I'll send you a sample of the teas I create in that category and try to change your mind. Tell me what it is you think you might not like about that type of tea: too weak, too strong, etc... and I'll try to find something that I think might change your mind.

As for me, I can say that my dislike for coffee comes from the fact that it always tastes burnt and bitter to me, and I don't like to add sugar/sweetener, milk or other stuff to my tea, and would like to think that if I was to like coffee, I would be able to like it by itself without those additives. (That's not to say I wouldn't mind trying a flavored coffee--heck, that's what we do with tea, and I love enjoying that little extra touch of flavor, but I also like being able to taste the tea as the dominant flavor.) [ETA: I also prefer my beverages cold, so if someone has a coffee that tastes good iced and untampered with, I'd be all over it.]

So what do you think? Want to swap some samples? I should include a short caveat: I would really prefer to trade with folks who are actually manufacturing the coffee--roasters, I guess? (I really don't know beans about coffee.) And I think I should probably limit it to the first 15 respondents or something. Without giving the appearance of a penniless small businessman, I don't want to go broke sending out samples.

[ETA: And really guys, I'm just looking for small samples--like a cup or two; in exchange, I'll provide one of our 2-quart iced tea bags in a regular sized letter envelope. Did I mention I'm a cheapskate?]
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