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Apr 10, 2006
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You might have heard of cafe - a new zealand cafe paper which is about eating and coffee and for examople reviews latte art contests or the best bars around the country

when my friend and i titled our magazine in spe cafe we didn't hear of that one anyway we have a slightly similar idea

ours is meant to be about art and 'things you might talk about enjoying a good cup of coffee'
which are: music (CDs) books, artworks poems and also artists (art history essays) as well as essays on everyday life (in issue one there will be one about being polite) and reviews about local cafes

my question is simply what you would think of such a magazine

the look is if i might say so sophisticated in black and white with no advertising and a simple formal writing style and font and also historical pieces of art
(there will be a review on burne-jones, the pre-raphaelites and the poem of the lady of shallott)
the pages are 40 and the price nz dollar 1.50 which is about 75 euro cent

would you buy such a magazin or read it in a cafe?