Coffee Trailer Generator Help


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Feb 1, 2024
Middletown OH
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Looking to open a coffee and ice cream trailer soon. Working through details and realizing there’s a lot I’m not sure about in terms of power. Planning on buying a trailer with electrical and plumbing already done, but need to make sure I’m giving them the correct specs to build to. I’m planning to have a lot of equipment on this thing, so I know I’ll need lots of power (2 standard grinders and an espresso grinder, 2 brewers, a couple blenders, microwave, maybe a convection oven, under counter fridge and freezer, ice cream dipping cabinet, water heater, water pump). Here’s a couple things I’m confused about:
1) seeing lots of trailers with 100 amp breaker panel, but not many portable generators with more than 50 amp output. Is this the 100 amp just a waste or am I missing something? Would I be better off with 2 x 50 amp panels and two generators? Or something like this westinghouse 20k ( 2 x 50 amp plugs?
2)looking at a simonelli appia life 2 group espresso machine. 220v, nema 6-20 plug. Can I just wire the needed outlet to a dedicated breaker on the panel with everything else? Or is it better to run it straight to the generator?
3) also worried about noise, safely and securely mounting the generator, fuel usage, etc. Also don’t want to spend a fortune if it’s not what I really need.

I’m a complete novice with all this stuff trying to figure it out. Any help from people that have experience doing this would be greatly appreciated!!