Coffee whith a concience


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Aug 19, 2005
Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico is a trasure that was wone in the battle of the America vs Spain . Whe are part of the USA economy . whe consume at Wall mart whe have flat rate shiping . We invest in FRY CHIken KFC. we go to wallgreens
The point is that this agriculture is regulated by the federal goverment in which we cant use dangerus quimics , we pay a minum salary . we offer benefits to ower enployyees , and the money comes back to same economy . LIke Hawaiii.
For 616pounds of Uva , berry frut of coffee . 516 are waste .
So every roaster remember that for each 80 pounds of rosted coffee there are 516 pounds of trash in another country .
So if you pay 2.00 for a pound of green coffe you think that , those indinas or farmer have the money to process that weast whithout harming the planet .
See your self drinkin coffee in the morning and se the reflect when tow mirors are in front of each other .
how many do you seee...

There are thosusands of houses that cotribute to the contaminations of the seas of thewourld , and dont even have an idea . The over hating of the planet , I dont contribute to that ............... ?????