Coffeeforum members making news

I guess its hardly surprising that some of the members of this forum are in the news. I just got this one via emal from Italy. Now remind me...Boca Java??? Who would that be then :wink:

US 3/ - Boca Java Creates First Gourmet Coffee for Bloggers

Boca Java, the premier, direct-to-consumer gourmet coffee company that fresh roasts-to-order, today launched Bloggers Blends, one of the first product lines designed specifically for the rapidly expanding blogger universe. Boca Java's new products, along with the company's launch of a new blogger-specific website, , will, for the first time, directly target this community as a consumer demographic and enable bloggers to purchase…

Well done Topher!
wish I could take credit for it....thanks though...we are getting a pretty good response to it. Stop by the forum if you would like

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