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I actually did end up purchasing one of their two group machines, and I currently use it in the shop I started. It performs very well and I've had no problems with it at all. I have ordered some minor replacement parts (dispersion screens and gaskets) and got them easily. I wonder about service in the long run though, since they aren't known at all. I think if I would have done it all over again I would have gone with a more common manufacturer, but like I said, I don't have any issues at the moment.
Coffeestuff A2

Hi VillageJoe,

I read your posting on the Coffee Forum. You appear to be quite experienced and I was wondering if I could impose upon you to provide your opinion on espresso machines that I am considering for a coffee shop in the local area – a small town far west of Chicago. I haven’t opened a shop yet but I’m busy crunching numbers.

I would prefer a two group machine that can provide plenty of steam – the local demographics would support higher demand for cappuccino and latte than for espresso. The two that I’m considering are the Coffeestuff A2 and the La Pavoni Café. I know that you have the Coffeestuff and was wondering what your recent experience has been with it.

I would appreciate it if you would share your opinion of these units, or if there is another (in the same price class – about $5,000) that I should consider.

Robert Mitilieri
Warning: If you are considering purchasing an espresso machine from or, don’t! What you are about to read may change you mind.

My name is Adrian and I made that terrible mistake. After nearly a year of back and forth communication, I negotiated a deal with Coffeestuff to purchase a demo unit for $4000.00. I paid it in full on April 28, 2009 and was told that the machine would ship within a week or two. Three weeks went by and I didn’t hear from them. So after making several calls to the company, I was told that the unit I had purchased was defective and not repairable. I was then given the option to upgrade to a brand new machine at no additional cost but that the unit would take an additional month to ship. I agreed, thinking that I had gotten a lucky break.

One month went by and again I didn’t hear from Coffeestuff. After making several more calls and sending several emails to the company, I was told that there was a delay at the manufacture and that more time would be needed. So another month went by and then another. And still nothing. I tried to cancel my order but was informed that I would be penalized a fifty percent cancelation charge.

Finally, on August 7th ,after emailing Coffeestuff several more times, I was told that my unit had arrived at their warehouse and that their techs would be inspecting the machine the next day. Another week went past and still no word. So I emailed the company again. This time I was told that the techs had found a loose electrical connection and that they wanted to bench test the unit for a few more days. I grudgingly agreed. Two more weeks past and I emailed Coffeestuff again, asking if my machine had shipped. They responded that it would ship within the week. So I waited. Ten more days past and I emailed Coffeestuff once more, asking whether my machine had shipped. This time I was told rather rudely “Has not yet Adrian.” and nothing more.

As you can imagine, by now I was pissed. I emailed them one final time to inform them that I had contacted my credit card company to file a claim for “items paid for but not received”. I also informed them that I would be reporting Coffeestuff to their local Better Business Bureau and that I would take them to court if I had to. As I suspected, to this day no one at Coffeestuff has responded to that email nor have they returned any of my calls.

Since I paid with my Paypal credit card, my transaction is protected. So god willing, I will get my money back, although it is likely to take some time. In any case, I hope you will learn from my mistake and stay clear of or you too may find yourself in the same predicament.