cold brew in shop?


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Mar 22, 2010
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we a selling a lot of iced coffee lately. probably because our freezer broke and I've had to run to the store multiple times per day. the 100 degree weather we may have something to do with it too. for iced coffee, we brew it and let it cool, refrigerate it then ice it as it is ordered. but I decided to look into cold brew. I bought a toddy that uses a pound of ground coffee and 9 cups of water. wow.
I'm not sure if this is practical for my shop. any input on cold brew at least for iced coffee?
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yes, I know we would use a lot less. I'd hope so as it uses a pound of coffee for about 9 cups of water. however, the "steep" time, and methods make it seem somewhat labor intensive for my shop. I ground the coffee much coarser than I use for the curtis, and made a batch at home. it takes a pretty long time to all drip out. I can see it getting knocked over by a frenzied barista during a morning rush!
I have one of those 5-lb. ones for sale. I've used it about 5 times. $59 plus shipping, if anyone's interested.