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Sep 20, 2006
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that would be nice, although i read an article once about a college student getting a grant for a coffee shop, but it isn't nice when you swear about it./


Aug 11, 2006
Dana Point, CA
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What city are you in? Your idea may get more attention from an older established friend, business owner, etc. Frankly, my concern would be that you're a student. When will you have time to run this "business?"

I'm not saying it isn't possible, but running a food or beverage business, even at the kiosk level will be costly. An example of where small, part time carts are doing well here in SoCal........ large church has two carts running all day Sunday during their services which run from 8am thru late afternoon. They are run by the congregation, and are profitable!

If I were back in school, I'd be looking at anyone who already had a food concession and health permits. Maybe you could "bring espresso into their ongoing operation?" That game plan sounds doable. For what it's worth, Peet's Coffee just received permission to put a coffee shop in the University of Irvine campus. If that's your competition, then a grant may only work if you're running a single brewgroup machine for special events on weekends?

But let's say that there are grants somewhere out there? What's your plan? I'd love to know, because here in SoCal, setting up an espresso operation starts with the health department and only gets more complicated from there. It can be done, don't be discouraged, but either you're talking about 5 or 6 of you that have worked together before, and would partner this, or you come from a retail food family??! Please tell me which it is....

Best, Al


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Sep 14, 2006
New Jersey
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I would approach a major gourmet roaster such as Green Mountain or a local gourmet roaster in your area. You might find that they would be willing to help with equipment, training and such just to get their brand name out there. If I were in college that is where I would start...

One word of advice ... have a detailed business plan ready to present...

:) Good luck!!!