Confessions of a java lover


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Jan 26, 2007
My wife and I love coffee and espresso drinks. For about 4 years we had a Francis! Francis machine, which pooped out and we traded it in (w/ foregiving retailer) for credit toward a new stainless Francis Francis model. It took about 3 years for the stainless to crap-out on me so I took the road that I never imagined: fully automated. But now, I wonder how I ever put up with the drink I made with the Francis after only a week of this new machine.

We went with the Jura S9 Avantgarde:


And so far, the drinks are perfect, and so easy!


I tell myself that I \"miss\" the personal touch of grinding and brewing with a portafilter, but the new machine is perfect.

BTW, this site rocks. I love the forum for the small business advise.



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Jan 26, 2007
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shadow745 said:
Nice looking machine, but the shot looks a little weak. Is that with any milk added? How is the taste? Later!

Weak? Size or strength? I've never had better espresso drinks at home or otherwise. The crema is a perfect thickness and proportion and the steamer makes great foam. I have to admit that I'm still getting used to the secondary compartment for grounds to be added for a la carte drinks as I've been grinding a bit too fine in my stand alone grinder and the (decaf) drinks I make for my wife are pulling a bit slow.

I would have been all over an Ecobar had the retialer been selling those, but I've happily transitioned into the automatic machine. The settings are highly adjustable and the ease of use is impossible to beat.



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Aug 15, 2005
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Didn't mean to offend you. Autos and super-autos have a reputation for producing thin, watery drinks that are usually underdosed, brewed at less than optimal temperature, etc. I know there are lots of factors that determine how the shot will come out, but the shot looks too pale like it's either underdosed or wasn't brewed hot enough. As long as you like the convenience and taste, then that's all that matters. BTW, what make and model is the machine? Later!