Consiglio’s guide to our premium organic espresso


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May 30, 2016
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We at Consiglio’s are proud of our line of Premium Organic Espresso and feature it prominently everywhere from thefree premium starter kit packages we offer on many of ourmanual and super automatic espresso machines, to the beans we use for the live demo machines displayed in the show room of our retail store.
What is it, then, that sets our beans apart?

[h=4]They are natural, high grown beans, fairly traded, and locally roasted.[/h]Our beans are high quality, high grown beans sourced from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia and India, blended in the traditional Northern Italian tradition, and roasted locally in small batches to ensure the highest standards of quality and freshness. Beans can age, oxidize and grow stale quickly, so by roasting frequently and locally we ensure that all of the flavour, nuance and depth espresso is cherished for arrives in your cup alive and aromatic with a natural sweetness and thick, smooth crema.
[h=4]They are blended in the traditional northern Italian style.[/h]A shot of espresso is extracted in 20-25 seconds, meaning the best bean blends must be delicately orchestrated and perfectly composed to balance the deep, nuanced flavours found in the best shots. While many master blenders spend a lifetime searching for the perfectly balanced espresso, we at Consiglio’s have put our 40 years of espresso experience and passion into bringing you our Super Crema, Aroma Eccellente and Super Intenso blends.
Traditional Northern Italian espresso is renowned for its smooth body, low acidity, natural sweetness and thick, rich crema – and you’ll find these traits throughout all three of our premium blends.
[h=4]They are designed to work for your espresso maker – not against it.[/h]Our premium espresso beans have been specifically designed for optimal performance in the variety of espresso machines on the market, be it a traditional grinder and manual machine set-up, or a one-touch super automatic espresso and cappuccino machine. Knowing that oily, dark beans can mean the downfall or early death of a super-automatic espresso machines, we’ve crafted our blends with the well-being of your beloved espresso maker in mind without sacrificing any depth, richness or flavour in our roasts.
Each one of our premium espresso blends offers its own unique tasting profile – we’ve laid out exactly what you can expect from a cup of each.

[h=4]Super Crema:[/h]Our Super Crema is designed for exactly that - beautiful thick, rich crema. Robust beans give this blend its signature rich head, and a nice "caffeine kick".

The Super Crema is great for pulling a single or double shot, with a flavour profile that can stand its ground well when used for cappuccinos and lattes.


[h=4]Aroma Eccellente:[/h]Our highest-grade espresso, Aroma Eccellente balances fruity and floral fragrant notes with a lively, complex body to create an espresso that is nuanced and an absolute pleasure for the pallet. Subtle, smooth, and with a natural earthy sweetness, Aroma Eccellente is ideal for enjoying the perfect espresso and excels when used with our super automatic machines.

Also available pre-ground or as a decaf espresso.


[h=4]Super Intenso:[/h]With a dark, rich flavour and a nice, long aftertaste Super Intenso has been specifically crafted to be a strong, intense espresso safe for super automatic machines. If you love an intense espresso shot, or are looking for a blend to bring depth and richness to your cappuccinos or lattes, look no further than our Super Intenso.


Intrigued by our line of Premium Organic Espresso, but not sure which bests suits your tastes? Or, simply want to try them all? Check out our Taster’s Trio.
Already a fan of our blends? Get a discount by ordering by the case!