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May 23, 2004
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I'm currently using two different express coffee's that produce varied amount of crema in my expresso. Can anyone suggest a coffee bean that they used that produced a nice amount of crema? :)
Many proffessionally blended espresso selections have a small amount of robusta in them. The robusta helps to create a crema and add body to the espresso. Funnily enough on a home espresso unit the staler the beans are... the more crema will generally form. Beware though... the taste of stale beans doesnt make up for lack of crema :grin:

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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Yo Coffeegod:

I hate to be picky but its called "espresso", not expresso. But then being a "Coffee God" I know you knew that. :D A.E. you're right, although a lot of roasters of espresso blends may not want to admit to using robusta in their blends, somehow they feel its not the right thing to do boasting that their blends are 100% Arabica. But we all know :twisted:
If you want an espresso blend with 100% high grown arabias, try Green Mountain Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend. It's what I drink at home and most days, I get rich red/brown rust colored crema.

The more I brew, the fewer streams of white I get (white spots & streaks in crema is a sign of over-extraction).

There are a lot of good espresso blends on coffee review. I don't recall whether they talk about 100 arabica or not, but I bet a lot of those reviewed over 90 points have not robusta in them.