Crunching the Numbers...


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Nov 13, 2004
A location I am considering is on Main Street of a small (19,000 residents) town that is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with artists, galleries, and new stores opening up in what used to be a gritty mill town overrun by drugs and such.

Many of the old buildings are being restored to their original beauty but the town mainly relies on week-end tourists for the antiquing and art buying acitivies at the moment. The East end of Main Street (about 1/2 mile away has a coffee cafe that also doubles as the local musical performance venue.

My location would be on the West end of Main Street and I'm thinking of doing a gourmet ice cream shop combined with esspresso/coffee etc.

Main Street generates 8500 cars per day. What's the best way to project the number of patrons to this location? How should I estimate the average sale per patron? What should I use as a rough profit margin figure? Can a $2100/month rent can be justified for the 1800 sf space? What would the electric (AC, freezer, esspresso machines, etc) run per month approximately? How many workers would be required per shift? I'm having trouble estimating if this could be a profitable venure. Any/all responses will be appreciated.


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Nov 15, 2004
Laredo, TX
I also have a coffee bar with 1800 square ft. My rent is 2,250 Electricity is about 1000 per month. Averge sale per person is $4.75 you need minimum 2 people per shift. Any other questions just post them..


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Nov 3, 2004
average ticket

Do you sell any sandwiches or do you sell only coffee and pastries?


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Nov 3, 2004
We have 4000 sq. ft. total. 2300 of it is total for the coffee bar (another business in rest) We pay about $3300 total. Probably about $2000 for the coffee by sq. ft. We pay about $1000/month for electric also. We have minimum 3 and maximum 5 employees per shift. 35,000 population in city. In business 11 years.
Hope this helps.