decaffeinated Vinacafe?


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Sep 30, 2006
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A coworker of mine has got me hooked on a Vinacafe instant coffee mix, which he picks up at a local vietnamese store. (yea, instant coffee is probably shameful to admit on a coffee forum!).

But anyway, I am not really a coffee drinker (though I do like the taste), and I never really drink sodas or anything else with much caffeine in it. I would like to cut back on the caffine, it gives me headaches sometimes, and I don't think I really need the effects of caffine to wake me up.

I have looked but haven't found a decaf version of the Vinacafe mix that I love, does anyone know of a brand/type of decaf mix that would have a similar taste to the Vinacafe? I'm up for suggestions, I really enjoy the taste of the Vinacafe, but would like something with little or no caffine.


Thanks so much!

- Daniel