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Jan 25, 2004
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I have a Delonghi EC-410 Espresso Machine. I am happy with the quality of the coffee it produces, but for me, it has one major problem. I put the coffee in the filter holder, tampe it, place the filter holder on the machine, run water to get my coffee / syrup. Turn the nozzle to the steamer position, heat the milk and make a superb cup of coffee.

.... Now to the problem. I go to take the filter holder off of the machine to make a second cup and there is a huge pressure build up. The filter holder explodes off of the machine, blowing coffee everywhere and making a mess. The machine is only 6 weeks old and this is the only major disappointment I have with it.

Is this a common problem with all home espresso machines? Can I fix this problem? If not, what is a decent coffee machine I can buy for home use that will not give me any problems?

........... Love the coffee but not the mess. What can I do? It ruins the whole coffee experience. Seems like the machine gets too hot. You can take the filter / holder off 1/2 an hour later and this will not happen.



I'm not familiar with that particular brand/model. But if it has a single boiler for brewing espresso and steaming milk, you probably have a switch to heat up the boiler for steaming.

The middle-of-the-road home espresso machines ($350 to $600 range) have one boiler and no heat exchanger. That means you cannot pull a shot and steam at the same time. So you pull a shot, flip a switch, wait a minute or two for the boiler to get hot, then steam your milk. The boiler is now way too hot to pull another shot. That's what I think is the cause of your problem.

What I do with my machine (FrancisFrancis X1) is run water through the empty portafilter to get the temperature back to espresso brew level (about 200 degrees F). Then I can tamp another dose of grounds and make another latte.

The FrancisFrancis is equipped with thermometer for the boiler. Your may only have lights that indicate the correct temperature.

Hope this helps.
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Tried what you have said. Run water through the filter after I have finished making the coffee. You are right. It cools the machine down to 'the ideal temperature for making coffee' - 98 c, and as you say no more steam / pressure build up. Have never had a problem since I have started using your technique.


I am back in business.