DeLonghi EC680 Dedica users?


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Apr 5, 2017

Before I totally lose it and toss the machine out the window ...

Would a user of the DeLonghi EC680 please share:

  1. Do you use the machine as it came "out of the box", or modified in some way?
  2. What grinder and setting do you use?
  3. What beans and roast do you use?
  4. What tamper and pressure do you use?

Over the last three years I've tried dozens of suggestions I've read here - machine settings, preheating, beans, grinds and grinders, tampers and pressures, roasts, bean age, etc. There are so many variables and combinations of the factors, I'm close to giving up. So instead of saying what I've been doing, I'd like to hear from a user of the EC680.

The espresso coffee I get from the machine is usually delicious. But in 3 years I've barely managed to get more than a thin ring of "crema" around the top of the liquid. Never more than a thin ring, which quickly disappears.

So instead of continuing to "stab at it in the dark", trying this that and the other, I'd appreciate hearing from a user of the EC680, on what beans you use, what grind you use, and any other descriptions of how you make a good espresso with a good crema on your 680.

Thank you!
Tom in Connecticut
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