Delonghi ECAM coffee machine Descale cleaning instructions


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Jul 20, 2022
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Hi all :) I will present you full Delonghi Descale cleaning instructions will be given according to the Delonghi ECAM instruction manual. Please note I am using EcoDecalc decalcifier especially made for Delonghi coffee machines.The message or alarm "descale" will appear on the screen and you need to start the cleaning process in order to prevent the machine of damage in future.The same procedure shows on this Descale cleaning instruction is valid for other Delonghi coffee machine models: Delonghi Magnifica Evo, Delonghi Primadonna, Delonghi Dinamica Plus, Delonghi Elleta Cappucchino, Delonghi Autentica .
Please see the vodeo below 👇👇👇 :


Aug 6, 2021
Spring, Texas
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