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Mar 7, 2003
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Everyone knows about coffee staining teeth, I've always pre assumed the worst thing I'm doing for my teeth is that cup of coffee after I brush in the mornings. --What can I say though? I like the taste of coffee more then spearmint--

I ran across an article on about how roasted coffee helps to prevent cavities.
Get yourself some of this stuff, it cleaned-up my dad's teeth and he's on 8 cups a day.

This toothpaste wont rub your teeth off and it's the only toothpaste that my dad swears by, not at!

Oh yes, they also make a toothpaste spray and mouth rinse :D

BTW. I don't sell the stuff :)
I don't like coffee but prefer tea only. However this dental problem is related to either coffee or tea in another way I think as we usually take snacks alongwith tea or snacks and ofcourse don't wash our mouths after taking those snacks as we have taken either coffee or tea this may give the opportunities to cavities to make their home .. :eek:

So just to recap:

1. It's possible that roasted coffee prevents cavities, although it will stain teeth at the same time.

2. We quite often have a cake or sweet snack with our coffee which can cause cavities.

3. Janina toothpaste removes the staining and helps prevent cavities.

Mmmm, my solution would be to wait a while (to enjoy the coffee flavour), then brush my teeth, or alternatively, I know Janina have a liquid toothpaste which doesn't wear away your tooth enamel, so you could use it more frequently.

Boy! I'm going to have to get a job with Janina at this rate :D
When I go home today I will post the brand of Tooth paste my wife bought for is coffee flavored 8)
Healthy, beautiful teeth are the result of daily routine of flossing and brushing one’s teeth at least twice a day. Regular brushing and flossing will break down the formation of plaque in the teeth. It will also prevent cavities, gum disease and remove stains. A visit to the dentist once every six month is highly recommended to ensure that one’s teeth get the attention they deserve to stay strong.
Yeah! That´s the bad part of coffee... Too much visits to the Dentist... I recommend you to use baking soda when brushing your teeth.. It really helps :)

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