Digital Italia stuck on standby - help!


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Oct 20, 2007
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I have a Starbucks Digital Italia and when starting it now is just says \"Standby\" and never does anything. None of the menu buttons do anything except the menu/ok button changes it to what looks like Swedish and it then just says \"Skolfing\" or some such thing, then back to English \"Standby\" if you press the button again. And that''s it.

We did leave it on for a couple hours and nothing happened, doesn''t even get warm.

I don''t see anything in the manual about standby at all.

Ideas on what to try? Or is the circuitry fried?

Also, if at all related, of late it has had problems outputting the coffee. It chugs along and a bit comes out, then stalls, then builds up some pressure and some more comes out, and does this about 5 or 6 times while making a small coffee. I did clean it and descale before and I think it helped (I forget, I never make the coffee) but doing it again. Is that all it is, or something maybe more serious? The grind is actually really loose, which is another issue - I just read that you have to change the grind while it is actually grinding -, so it''s not that. I need to get it going then clean it all again but just wondering how serious this pressure issue might be.

As you can tell, it hasn''t been cared for much over the past couple years :) I''m overseas and have to try to fix it myself so if you have any ideas...