Do You Love Coffee? Our Tips Can Help

Thank you for your reply. I promise I'll make it up.I'll study harder to know more knowledge about coffee.


Great Kristina,
I am VERY glad that you are back. It just seems like the activities in our forum is getting less and less recently, we really need someone like you.
whatever questions you have, let us know via forum. if I can, I will try to reply back to you as much as I know.
Again, my knowledge is limited to Origin of Coffee side, but I am sure that a lot of senior members will also help you in other areas.
thanks and good luck.
Please do not delete this post.I will modify it.

Thank you.


no need to modify it. you mentioned a lot of information that you got from website in your initial posting.
just go back and study one topic at a time. and re-post it with new posting with your research info and questions.
please do not try to post so many topics (nor very long text because most of members do not have the patience to read very long posting, sometimes even for me).
just one topic at a time.