Does anyone have experience with making a strong mind boosting brew?


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Sep 13, 2011
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What do you need to do it? Does the tool matter – drip filter vs automated drip machine?

I tried different coffee industry brew lines, some boost minds and some wreck minds so their formulas cant all be same.

I think I tried the starbuck/dunkin coffee drinks and they boost mind pretty well for me though I prefer organic lines to get away fromm artificial ingredients as much as possible.

That being said, I didn’t get the same results brewin
g fromm their bean lines. Could they been using different blends/formulas for their drink lines?

And I tried instant coffee drink brands like super coffee, stok, Califia , Gevalia , that messed with my head.

I heard t he bean blend can be trade secret in regard to taste but I seek mind boost . I heard people talk about bad brands that wreck minds , make t hem sleepy , so on. But nobody seem t o talk about how to craft mind boost brews.

I heard various experiences with instant coffee brands – some have toxic taste, somme make you sleepy , and so on. They donnt seem very reliable.

I like to be able to not depend on industry and craft my own mind boosting formula if its not like impossible to figure things out.

I prefer to do it with pour over filters as drip machine assumably have hot water contact plastic within and leach plastic particles into the brew but I would consider it as necessarily evil if it the only way to craft mind boost brew.

Does anyone have experience in this area? I like control over what I put in, presumably good ingredients.


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Aug 14, 2003
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Mind boost? Like ginko biloba? I mean I guess you could put ginko biloba in your coffee. A lot of people are infusing CBD and THC into there coffee so I guess you could try.