Does anyone here sell on ebay?


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Aug 25, 2005
Fort Lauderdale
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I tried it a few different times most recently before Christmas. I never sold anything. I did list in my comments section to visit my website for more items so I may have some sales result of the posting.

Overall, you cannot make a living by just selling on e-Bay because the listing costs swallow your profits.


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Nov 8, 2004
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All that Ebay is, is an overgrown online garage sale! That is just my opinion. BTW I am a former Power Seller. The fees that Ebay charges just to list don't make it worth it. Only to dump stuff you don't want. That is again, my opinion.


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Jun 19, 2020
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I recently started doing business on the Internet, only on the Amazon platform. As for me, this is much more interesting and profitable than Ebay.
True, I don't know about Ebay, but learning to sell on Amazon was initially difficult for me until I found guys who showed me how to get organic sales on amazon and after that my career became much more successful.
I wish you good luck in your business and hope that you will continue to succeed.
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