cindy said:
has anyone had any weight problems that can be directly related to the amount of coffee consumed on a daily basis?

just wondering...
well, i've been having like 350mg of caffeine per day, and it seems really hard to lose weight.... i'm biking a vertical mile nearly every 2 days, but i've only lost 3 pounds in about 4 months..

maybe it's just me...?
It depends on how you take your coffee.

Black coffee, at about 10 calories per cup, isn't going to affect your weight.
Black coffee with sugar can be 35 calories (1 tsp sugar) or more (about 25 calories per tsp for sugar). This is going to accumulate if you drink a lot of coffee throughout the day.
Coffee with cream and sugar can be high in calories as well as fat. 18% coffee cream has 30 calories and 3.0g fat per tbsp. On top of sugar, that's enough calories and fat to consider the cup o' joe a meal on its own, which is a frightening thought when you have 2 or 3 cups before, during and sometimes after breakfast.
Coffee helps with weight loss. I used to complete in amateur bodybuilding and drank lots of coffee (black) up to my contest. I would usually go from around 12% body fat to under 4% in about 8 weeks. Caffeine is one of the best metabolizers of fat short of taking some kind of hormone.

Caffeine works well with grapefruit juice too. The grapefruit juice slows the breakdown of the caffeine and prolongs its effects. Aspirin has also shown to enhance the fat burning effect of caffeine.

If you drink a lot of coffee though you'll have developed a tolerance and really won't experience much enhanced fat loss from drinking. It still won't hurt your weight loss if you drink it black.

I think we're missing something in this discussion. Coffee is a Stimulant!!, which if you have been drinking it for years helps to speed up your metabolism (the rate at which your body processes food) Like smoking with Nicotine! again a stimulant if you do both of these and quit both, or one of these you will probably see an increase in weight, but not due to the fact that you just quit, but more because you have removed stimulants , which now your metabolism is going to slow down a bit..

Now in reverse..Lets say someone was overweight and never smoked, or drank coffee and one day they started both (Keep in mind their health is good other than being obeise) This person should start to lose weight just with the addition of a stimulant.. now how much a person loses will depend on many things, but I think there would be changes in weight either way
Yes, this confuses me too. I have heard the metabolism theory and for this reason many weightloss pills contain caffeine. So I never understood why quite a few diets tell you to cut out caffeine. I've put in down to randomly masochistic pseudo-scientific health fascism. Anyway, even it is transpired that my black espressos were somehow fattening then I resign myself in advance to a few extra inches. Some things are worth doing for vanity. Giving up coffee wouldn't be one of them!
I think the reason you hear about cutting out caffeine in so many diets, is because most often, caffeine is paired with sugars. In sodas, chocolate, etc. If you drink black coffee, I'm sure it wouldn't go against many diet restrictions.
Could be that, Billagirly, but I also here caffeine mentioned specifically a lot. For instance, this diet article: ... 469586.ece talks about de-caff tea. (Sorry, you'll have to read a fair way down to get that part). Which would seems to indicate the caffeine was the thing that is avoided - otherwise why specify that as the tendency to put in milk or sugar is identical to normal tea. This is the only one I specifically remember, but I'm sure I've read it more often. The only think I can think of is that it would mess with metabolism in a way that would cause peaks and throughs.

But again, there are things I will do to fit into my jeans but not drinking coffee just is never ever going to be one of them.
I don't anything in that article that states that caffeine will prevent weight loss. Having decaffeinated tea in the afternoon is just a good idea if you want to get a good nights sleep.

Sleep is important for fat loss because it promotes muscle growth. More muscle means a higher metabolism.

Most of the over the counter diet pills sold contain caffeine. There is an insane amount of research to show that caffeine helps with fat loss, especially when taken with ephedrine and aspirin.

Of course any stimulant taken habitually will have a reduced effect as you build a tolerance for it. Fortunately caffeine is an easy one to break.
Caffeine alters blood sugar levels. It also causes people to be hungry and crave food that’s why it is not a good beverage for people to drink while trying to lose weight.