Does Starbucks deliberately abuse people who linger?


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Jun 6, 2008
nomistakes said:
mcdonalds can do the same too...lets face it is not profitable to have someone waste time, who does not order much...could depend on personel and their judgement.

That's overly simplistic thinking.

If you want people to think your establishment is not fun, not happening, not friendly, and does not sell good products, then by all means, chase every customer out the door!

Because an empty cafe is unattractive.

If however you want people to think your business has something of value to offer, such that they come in and buy something then obviously, you should let lingerers stay.

What Starbucks does is:

1. Use their brand as a draw to bring people in....this is a bad idea.

2. Instruct their baristas to be "fun" and get to know the customers' names.... but baristas usually end up being a pain in the a$$ instead.
Just out of interest- in the US what are the split between take away and dine/drink in customers for say a Starbucks or McDonalds? I would say ultimatley Starbucks, from what I see, prefer to push takeaway drinks (here Asia)- where possible. I think it may have in part something to do with space and rental paid for that space.


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Oct 6, 2008
I've heard of stories like this but fortunately this is not happening in the Starbucks store I have been. Perhaps it really depends on the attitude of the baristas assigned in the particular Starbucks store.

Here, the baristas don't mind overstaying customers unless they are really staying way beyond the closing time. They do inform the customers some minutes before they close and make a last call for their orders. This way, the customers are well informed of the policy.

Most of the customers will cooperate anyway. :wink:


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Jan 25, 2009
salt lake city, UT
I used to work at Starbucks, and also am a customer from time to time.
I can answer that question with a least when I managed a store we would not deliberately drive people out. But we were in a downtown area where many business people would come in with their laptops, order one cup, sit down for an hour and do some work..
As a customer I haven't noticed this either. I used to be there for a couple of hours doing work because of the who knows...


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Jan 27, 2009
I must agree with the quality of Starbucks...or shall I say the lack of quality!!!
Years ago I would enjoy going, not a chance.
I have not found the deliberate abuse some are speaking of...
Although, I find the coffee is always taste burned.
I drink my coffee just like it is cream and it needs to be good coffee. I don't find that at Starbucks.

I have discovered a real gem where I Fredericksburg, VA
It is called Kolache House Bakery and Koffee Kafe...very comfortable, very clean, it is excellent!!!
They are an Authentic "Czech" Pastry bakery and they have the best coffee...the pastries are fantastic also.
They only use locally roasted beans and each espresso drink is freshly ground and hand automatic machines.
If you are near this place you may want to won't be disappointed.