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Not our forklift Topher, however so far no beans to load into no dock. But really all we have is a roaster, an idea and a plan, and of course 1 or 2 $'s to get it going.

We are waiting for council consent for the building this week, all going to plan we can start construction asap.
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Re: web site

valcs said:
your web site does not work maan

Yeah sorry about that. The web page is currently under developement and should be up and running by before we open in early April.

For now our progress can be tracked on the blog site.

Thanks all for the words of encouragement, I will keep it updated
nz, wow!
what a wonderful adventure.
nothing better than starting something from scratch.

good luck!
It looks like a mighty effort already. :)
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Well, weve been open since friday and so far all is good. The place looks great and all our customers are blown away by the entire experience. Only hope is that the advertising this week brings in some serious numbers.

check out the photos on our blog

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