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Jun 27, 2006
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I am also opening a coffee website, but I will not only sell coffee supplies. I want to also sell other kitchen wares, what do you all think of:

All of these domain names are available. I will be selling nationwide.

Here's a tip for you, and for anyone else trying to choose a domain name.

Pick 5 to 10 domain names you quite like, then create the same number of Google AdWords ads. Point the ads to any site you like...preferable one you own. : )

Keep each ad identical with the exception of the domain name on the bottom line.

Run the ads for as long as it takes to get a few hundred clicks...and then see which domain name gives you the best click-through rate.

Instead of a subjective opinion, this gives you a scientific basis for your choice of domain name. The ad with the highest number of clicks will give you an excellent insight into which domain name connects best with web visitors interested in coffee.

This process has been used many times by online marketers and testers and works very well.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Don't post names to the public.. It might encourage people to pick them up themselves..

The most important test for me is the "phone test" and that is how easy it is to tell someone a name over the phone. If it is simple like coffeeforums you probably won't have any trouble. If there is some miss spelling, or hypens, or anything of that nature it might take a bit longer to get the message accross to the other side. The phone test helps word of mouth traffic.
I agree with myjerry. I have been developing sites for years for companies and short and sweet, easy to remember, easy to type, is best. If you can, use words that describe your site also. If coffee stuff is what you are selling, do your best to find a name with coffee in it, though at this point, that may be impossible.

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