Double your sales and profit by adding very high quality ice cream to your menu.


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Apr 4, 2019
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My name is Hugo and I came 9 years ago from the Netherlands to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina to start up a Gelato (ice Cream) and coffee store. Now I am famous for my daily fresh high end gelato and quality coffee. The store is amazing successful and every year we increase the sales with minimum 25%. In that 9 years I got many times the question for to franchise the business. I was never interested to do that because to manage a store like mine you need to have a lot of passion and knowledge for making gelato. Beside this, it will cost you also a minimum an amount of $500.000 to start up.

3 Years ago I found out that is also possible to make a very high quality, dairy based, fresh and the best Ice cream with a soft serve machine. With that knowledge I developed a 100 % dairy and natural based Ice Cream powder. With this powder you can make a very high quality creamy ice cream that doesn't exist in the USA. Since last year, I test this ice cream in my own store and it is really an amazing success! (I like to invite you!!). Because of this success, I developed a total concept that is easy to serve and manage in existing coffee stores. With this concept, a coffee store can easily double your sales and profit. The investment is very low, it needs a very small space, you don't need knowledge of the product and is very easy to manage. I can guaranty success!

Now, I like to come in contact with successful entrepreneurs in the coffee business who are possible interested in my concept.

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